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Looking for an exceptional children eye care service in Preston? Our NHS Approved Opticians will help you to understand your child’s eye health.
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Caring for your Children's Eyes

We all know the importance of looking after our eyes but this is particularly important when it comes to your children. Our eyes are certainly strange at times aren’t they? Just like your body your eyes change and are continuously replacing cells.

Generally your eyes will remain stable most of time however that’s not say there isn’t the chance for anomalies to occur. You might not even notice it at first but your eyes can get weaker without affecting your sight so regular eye tests can help you catch problems early.

Our eye’s change as we grow (like the rest of our bodies) but your eyes are very sensitive especially in younger children so you’ll want to make sure they get regular check-ups. The standard advice for eye tests is at least once every two years for people aged between 16 and 60 but for younger children you’ll want to check more regularly.

Professional advice varies when it comes to younger children some stick to the standard 2 year intervals but more commonly they suggest checking them every 6 months to a year. Children in particular are highly susceptible to underlying eye conditions that might not be noticeable for a long time.

Children’s eyes will also be weaker and less developed than a teenagers or adults so they could easily be more susceptible to issues like eye strain and exposure to the elements like the sun, wind and rain. Even in more serious conditions that cause a loss or weaker vision its common for children to not notice so regular check-ups should always be carried out.

If you have a family history of weaker eyes or eye problems like squints or lazy eyes then make sure you have regular checks-ups with a specialist. These issues aren’t always hereditary but they can be passed down so you should try to catch them early.

Rather than being reactive, taking proactive measures to prevent injury in the first place is necessary, especially when it is about your child’s beautiful eyes. Make sure your child is wearing safety goggles whenever they are playing any sport or doing any activity that has the potential to hurt the eyes. This could be while playing with fireworks or playing with colours, or so on. Even while swimming, the chlorine in the pool can hurt the eyes, so it is necessary that you make your child wear swimming goggles.


Tips for Looking After Your Children's Eyes

Unlike many tests eye examinations don’t hurt at the most there might be a little uncomfortableness if eye drops need to be used but overall the procedure is pretty simple. That being said while glasses are by no means seen as unfashionable as they once where you will likely still meet some resistance from your child if they do have to wear them.

Thankfully though we’ve compiled some great tips for helping you keep your child’s eyes safe and overcome the famous anti-glasses fashion phobia.

Watch their viewing habits this goes for any kind of screen not just the television, computers and smartphones are just as important. So make sure they don’t spend too much time staring a screens.

A balanced diet keeps you whole body health even your eyes.

Many children love to read but this can put a strain on your eyes so make sure they don’t stay glued to a book endlessly and take regular breaks.

If your child does need glasses make sure your complimentary of their appearance it might seem trivial but wearing glasses can be a big deal for some children so make sure you boost their confidence.

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