Opticians as well as many health professionals recommend that you wear sunglasses to provide comfort from bright lights but more importantly for UV protection.
All of our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection from both UVA & UVB.
We sell non prescription sunglasses which you can take away the same day, we also sell prescription sunglasses which will be custom made with your prescription.
We stock a wide variety of sunglasses including designers Maui Jim & Rayban. We also stock clip on sunglasses which can fit onto your current spectacles.


Having issues with dry eyes is very common, it doesn’t always have to be dry eye syndrome either (although this is a common issue as well) sunglasses can help prevent your eyes from drying due to outside elements like the weather or from other factors like dust and debris.

That’s why you might see people wearing sunglasses when it’s windy or even in the rain, as weather like this usually causes problems for people with dry or sensitive eyes. Sunglasses especially the “wrap around” variety are incredibly useful for blocking outside elements like the wind and problems like dust.


Yes that’s right allergies particular those to pollen can be combatted with sunglasses, simply wearing them can help you feel less strain on your eyes and sooth your face and body. Many medical professionals have backed up the claim as well so there’s some real medical reasoning behind it.

Again the “wrap around” style is usually the best choice but any sunglasses can help relieve your of allergy symptoms. For the same reason they’re so effective at combatting dry eye syndrome, the lenses block pollen or dust from reaching your eyes and the darker shades help reduce glare and strain on your eye. So if you suffer from allergies make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses handy.


We all know that sunglasses are ideal for resisting the sometimes overpowering effects of the sun, prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause a multitude of problems even with people who have healthy eyes. So people who already suffer from weaker eyesight will be even more at risk, from eye diseases like macular degeneration to temporary conditions like photokeratitis there’s a whole multitude of issues that simply wearing a good pair of sunglasses can help you avoid.

And you shouldn’t just wear them outside or when the sun is out, if you’re driving then you should always have a good pair of sunglasses ready just in case the sun starts to shine heavily. Car accidents caused by sun glare are more common than you might think and having a good pair of sunglasses handy can help you avoid potential accidents.

At the same time just because the sun doesn’t seem to be shining to heavily doesn’t mean there isn’t any UV rays about. And lots of people also wear sunglasses when they travel to a new country to help their internal body clock get more used to the new environment and fight fatigue. So remember sunglasses aren’t just a great style accessory they have a host of health benefits as well.

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