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Your eyesight is your most precious sense and deserves the highest standards of professional care. Without good vision it is difficult to enjoy most everyday activities, including reading, driving and watching TV. Poor sight may also indicate the presence of potentially serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, or general health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Because eye conditions often develop slowly, you may not notice any initial symptoms. That’s why it is essential to have your eyes examined regularly by an optometrist.


There is much more to your eye examination at our practice than finding out if you need spectacles or contact lenses. We also carry out a range of tests to assess the health of your eyes.

If you already wear spectacles or contact lenses then please bring these to your appointment. We will check the lenses to establish their type, optical power and how well you can see with them.


We recommend that children’s eyes are tested every twelve months. Even if your child doesn’t need a spectacle correction the eye examination will look at the health of your childs eyes, check their colour vision and ability to see in 3D.

We are happy to test children from the age of 4, if your child is younger than 4 and feel that he/she may need glasses its important to make an appointment with the GP who may refer your child to the hospital.

We offer a range of childrens glasses, some covered on the NHS optical voucher system, some which you can contribute towards including children’s designer glasses Disney & Marvel. For the older children we have Rayban frames plus other designers too.

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